You’ve noticed the buzz surrounding stem cell therapy and its numerous medical applications, but you may not fully understand exactly what stem cells are, why they are so valuable, and what they might offer in the future. The following answers to three frequently asked questions about stem cells Florida will set the record straight and help you keep up with one of medicine’s most innovative and exciting new tools.

What Exactly Are Stem Cells?

You already know that your body is composed of countless cells that make up every part of your body, from your heart to your blood to your skin. Stem cells are a certain type of cell in your body that don’t immediately serve a specific purpose. Instead, they exist in an “undefined” state until triggered to develop into a certain type of cell within the body. They can divide without limit to replenish other cells, which makes them extremely valuable in repairing injuries and alleviating diseases. Stem cell therapy tampa exist in numerous forms, each of which is best suited for specific purposes.

How Are Stem Cells Being Used to Treat Health Problems?

Stem cells are being harnessed to treat a wide variety of conditions, and many research studies are underway to explore additional uses and benefits. Diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, and cancer are just a few of the serious conditions that stem cells have either been proven to treat or are believed to treat. Skin stem cells can be used to grow skin grafts for patients with severe burns, umbilical cord blood can treat children with leukaemia and genetic blood diseases, bone marrow stem cells can repair cartilage and bone, and so much more.

Is It Safe?

Stem cell treatment Stamford is arguably the safest treatment you can receive because you are simply using components of your own body to heal. Stem cells are injected into the site of your injury and immediately go to work repairing and replacing damaged tissue. Whether you’re coping with a joint injury or a more serious disease, stem cells have the potential to safely, effectively, and permanently help you recover!

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